lördag 23 februari 2013

The Downward Spiral

I have not written here in five months. That has nothing to do with the poor form our Arsenal has displayed this season, one of the worst in decades. I just haven’t got the time, the energy or been in the mood for blogging. I write enough at work. Twitter and it’s 140 characters have kept me going for some while now. But now it’s time to get my act together with some more space than tweets offer.

We’ve been through a  hellish week, out in the FA-Cup defeated by Blackburn from the Championship who had one shot on goal, and won one nil. We we’re battered and outplayed at home by a Bayern Münich team who played some excellent football on every position. Reminded in some ways of our own invincible; fast passing , clever defending and they dominated the midfield. They played wide and using every space of the pitch. Arsenal looked or behaved nothing like that.

Something obviously don’t clicking in this team and I don’t know why. Manager to blame claims most of the loudmouthed. Wenger gone and everything would be just fine. I don’t think solution is that easy. Maybe the gameplan, tactics and Wengers own stubbornness to hold on to something that has not played off in many years now is part of the problem. But you can’t blame it all down to a manager. Players are responsible for their behaviors as well. Frustrating to see once good and solid players getting just weaker. Vermaelen and Sagna is just mere shadows of their past nowadays. Sport is always mental and I guess that there is to much thinking, to much analyzing and to much low self-esteem in a lot of heads making it all bad circle and a downward spiral.

Another “massive game” awaits this very afternoon. Aston Villa’s visiting London and nothing but 3 points is a must. With current form I would go for a draw (if betting) and not be all to surprised for another loss. I really don’t want to go that way in my own head, but a new punch today and a defeat at The Lane (of all places) and season is over. No trophies, an absolute minimal chance of reaching that fourth spot that could guarantee play-offs for the Champions League later this year.
And that would unquestionable be the real end of an era.

In an article published in The Mirror today by John Cross talking to Wenger it seems that the Championship and the Champions League has his priority. Being more realistic than a “doomer” I jus can’t se this AFC-team go to Münich and win 3 goals and holding a clean sheet. That leave us with the league and twelve games left to play where every game will be labeled “massive”.
Don’t expect (or rely upon) another spurs-havoc this year, saving the arses of our own.

Why this club is where at it is at, you could read massive amounts of texts and theories just cruising around the web. Because if there is one benefit this club do still have it would definitely be its truly committed supporters. Few teams have more active bloggers and writers. Different views and opinions shared, but in the end all of us wanting this club to progress and not to see the team implode in a painful and slow decay.

Personally I think a hard push and another important step in the downward spiral begun when losing out to Birmingham in the Carling Cup final this time of year two years ago. What could have boosted some players and feeding the winning mentality just went the other way and that gave some really bad effects. That’s why I get annoyed today when reading that our manager don’t think much of the English domestic cups. Never underestimate what comes with winning a trophy!

Later - now Villa game awaits!